Penelope’s Villas

The Penelope’s Villas is an urban villa project, which is designed for private purposes.
On behalf of one of our clients, DAM Caribbean had to finalize the design of the Penelope’s Villlas, located on the Indigo Bay of Sint Maarten.

The Penelope’s building consists of three large penthouses.
Every penthouse can be divided into 1 to 6 villas. All villas are aligned with each other, so that they can be used on many different ways, from the top to the bottom and left to right, as one villa, floor or huge penthouse.
This versatility and creativity in architecture, makes the buildings an unique specimen.


The striking character of this project is that all buildings are entirely white in color.

There is chosen for the color white, to create structure, more detail and to make all the architectural elements, that has been used in the buildings, significant remarkable and visible.

For this project one used multiple key configurations and all villas consists of an energy neutral design. Every villa consists of a royal pool with a floor area of 100 sq.

LocationIndigo Bay, Sint Maarten
StatusFinal Design
Date2014 / 01

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