Walter Plantz Square

— Colorfull stores repesenting Sint Maarten architecture on a sleek square

The Walter Plantz Square is located in Philipsburg, Sint Maarten, in one line with the pier and right-angled with the Boardwalk. The Square forms a connection between the Boardwalk and Front Street.

The design not only consists the public space and the buildings but also the interior of the units. This total design gives the Walter Plantz Square its unique character. 

Palm trees aligned at both sides of the central axis provide the Square with needed shadow under the burning Caribbean sun. The fountain brings extra coolness. The rectangle of white pavement at the center of the Square indicates the fountain. The water blows up from pipes aligned around this rectangle. Spots are built in to give the fountain a fairytale appearance in the evenings. The pipes as well as the spots are flush with the pavement. The water runs off in small recesses between the paving stones.

The openness of the buildings fades the line between outside and inside. And makes the square and the interiors one.

The 8 little buildings feature traditionally Sint Maarten details. Such as the ginger bread along the eaves, and the “potdekselen” and “houten rabat” witch is the wooden exterior wall finish. The colorful paintwork fits the traditional why of painting.

The tread of hurricanes, the burning sun and the salt pressure asks a lot from the buildings materials and requires smart designed details.

The Square serves as a meeting place for the local people and as a start point for the cruise passengers that arrive by water taxi on the pier. When the sun set the many lights make the Walter Plantz Square bathe in light and so it is the perfect place for gatherings and events.

ClientPort St. Maarten
Typepublic square
LocationPhilipsburg, Sint Maarten
Date2015 / 09